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You will have the opportunity to present your goods & services at a concert venue of up to 2,800 participants. 

Terms & Conditions*

  • Each vendor will be supplied one 6 ft. table and 2 chairs

  • Each vendor must register by completing a vendor form

  • Each vendor MUST supply their own table cloth 

  • Each vendor can supply their own tent & additional components if needed upon approval

  • Each vendor will have access to the concert & other vendors seated at their respective vendor area

  • Each vendor will have access to the venue to set up at 2pm

  • Each vendor is only allowed 2 persons (total) to man vendor table

  • Each vendor must check in at the vendor entrance which will be communicated prior to Oct. 15.

  • Each vendor must pay a $500 vendor fee prior to Sept. 15 to be included at the event

  • Any dessert or drink vendor must be licensed and insured

  • Once all 30 slots are sold, no other vendors will be able to register

For more information, email CapitolStage@gmail.com



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